Glowing Puppets at Constance and Orange

Light Puppets at Constance and OrangeToday’s bike ride took me down to the Marigny to meet up with S. for some writing and coffee. It is apparently the last warm day for awhile, but I’ll believe that when I feel it. I zipped back Uptown to meet K. for a show. A former student, Miss M., is a dancer, and invited me to see him in Darwin, a show put on by CORBiAN, in final rehearsals before hitting the road for a 44-city tour. I didn’t know what to expect, and I must say I was simply delighted. The puppets were constructed from the stuff usually seen just in glow sticks. They were operated by dancers who disappeared from the stage in the dark. This picture isn’t very good, but it’s not easy to get a good shot in a pitch dark warehouse. I wish I could capture for you the magic of the show. Puppets kept emerging, seemingly from nowhere, and the story–a dinosaur who finds love–was so lovely and kind…it was just a wonderful way to spend an evening. When the show comes to your town, please, please go see it. You won’t be disappointed. I left the hot and empty warehouse happy the world has space for these sorts of creations. And then I hopped on my bike and rode home, feeling the slightly cooler air rush up my skirt.

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