Construction on Magazine at the I10 Underpass

Magazine Street Constructionat the WWII MuseumI took the Surly out for a leisurely ride down to the Marigny to get some writing done this afternoon. I love putting on a fluffy skirt and my shimano shoes, putting on some music, clipping in, and flying down newly paved streets. New Orleans is putting in so many. Louisiana is nearly done all the way to Claiborne, the crews are slowly moving down St. Charles, with the promise of a bike lane. A bike lane! There’s even news of Carrollton getting some repaving. All good stuff. Of course, paving roads in this city is a losing proposition–we’re sinking. But if we could just keep the money coming to continually improve and repair the infrastructure and keep people working…well, that might be some genuine recovery. I rode back Uptown along Magazine. They’re redoing this section in the CBD, right before the I10 underpass. Today it was blocked off, but I scooted around the sign on the bike, moving carefully so as not to get tossed by a sliding tire, what with all that debris. I mean, this stretch of Magazine is a mess. I can’t wait to ride it when it’s all patched up. Sweet.

2 thoughts on “Construction on Magazine at the I10 Underpass

  1. Hello friendly blogger. I must have been almost 3 weeks behind so you and I have spent over an hour together here tonight! I personally enjoyed every minute of it.

    The humidity here today was 11% and the high was 74. Pretty nice except for the wind which is blowing the heck out of the Balloon Festival going on now.

    Keep safe and well and keep riding and blogging! judy

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