Foam Block Construction at Freret and Jena

New Construction on FreretIt has been raining like crazy and I’ve been crazy busy preparing for a trip to Los Angeles this week, which has been seriously putting a crimp in my riding and blogging. It was pouring rain when I woke up, but it let up just enough for me to ride to work, raincoat, plastic bags, and extra shoes on board. I missed a number of downpours as I moved about my day at work, and by the time I was ready to head home, it was a veritable sauna out there. I rode back downtown along Freret and stopped to snap a picture of this new construction near Jena. I’ve been watching this place go up. It looks like it’s made of giant foam legos stacked on top of each other, slipped over those steel rods poking out the top. It’s some kind of green building–I’ll have to wait for D. to weigh in on exactly what it is. *Actually, I found out today that it’s ThermoBlock–the website has a nutty soundtrack, just like the nutty look of this building.*But it looks cool, apparently stays cool for less, and it has gone up incredibly quickly. There are so many ways to build, but I found myself staring at this thing, pretty sure there’s no way it’ll hold. I think it’s time I get used to seeing new kinds of buildings. We need them. I pedaled the rest of the way home, wondering how I can get a hand on a bike for a few days in southern California. Because I don’t think I can do without one.

6 thoughts on “Foam Block Construction at Freret and Jena

  1. Need a bike for SoCal? Time to buy another one 😉

    I haven’t seen the foam blocks used in whole building construction yet, but I have seen a similar system used for basements. Once they are up they pour them full of concrete and stucco over the outside.


  2. Last year, it seems, when I still afforded myself the financial and time luxury of having fancy cable TV, I watched a series on the Sundance Channel about architecture students at Tulane and their annual project to build an affordable (ostensibly), green house in NOLA. Did you ever see that? I found it quite compelling.

    P.S. I’m amused by this classification of certain blogs as being “minutiae blogs.” They really are, aren’t they.

  3. Hi,
    I was searching for images on freret st and came across your picture of my house! the speed of construction was great (4 months + 21 days) and we moved in…considering it took us almost 5 years to rebuild after Katrina!
    The thermoblock system is manufactured in slidell and our builder has done over 50+ homes and commercial bldgs. The energy savings alone are tremendous. My husband is an artist and the first floor is his studio and the 2nd/3rd floors are our home. We also are avid bikers and enjoy a good tootle around town. The insurance rates for this type of construction are about 1/4 the cost of traditional stick built homes in the area. To put it in easier terms, our 7 year old honda accord is more to insure than our home! Our wind ratings are 250+ and since we lost our last building that was on the lot from Katrinas winds…we did not want to go thru that again.
    Just a side note- our closest cross st is Soniat not Jena, but glad you saw the new place. You can click this link to see more pics of the finished project.
    Kellie + Andy

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