Tree Root Across the Sidewalk on St. Mary’s Near Coliseum

Tree Root on the Sidewalk on St. Mary's Near ColiseumI am under the weather, all sniffles and sinuses, and this is really putting a dent in my bicycling. I mean, I need to breathe, people! But after some decongestant and guaifenesin, I was in shape to ride to the CBD to meet K. for our weekly dinner date. It was hot and cool, depending on the shade level, and I showed up thirsty. We lazily made our way back to her neighborhood after a quick cup of coffee. Walking down St. Mary’s, we came upon this tree root growing through the sidewalk. Now, this happens everywhere around here. Oak tree roots are vigorous and impressive. The city dug a hole to repair something or other on my street, and the roots were insane. Now, how to deal with this is a good question. You can’t cut down the trees, and though the trees can do fine after having some roots cut, roots will grow back. It is a never ending battle, trying to keep up with the infrastructure here in New Orleans. This root, however, has won. The sidewalk goes around the root, and someone has helpfully affixed a reflector to alert nighttime pedestrians to its presence. I gave K. my coffee to hold, snapped a photo of the victorious root and K.’s feet, and then humped the bike over it. Win for the root, loss for anyone with any kind of decreased mobility.

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