Bacon, Basil, and Garlic Pizza and a Glass of Wine at St. Charles & MLK


I spent my morning grading, writing, laundering and cooking before it was time to bike through the haze to campus for my night class. It was one of those classes that went fine–even better than fine–where students talked to each other instead of just me and the conversation appeared to run by itself. But it was also one of those classes where there’s some real violence. That’s the flip side of teaching about race, gender, and sexuality: I have to listen to and turn into learning moments some incredibly racist, sexist, and homophobic stuff. That’s my job, and I love it–it is work worth doing, and for that I am grateful. But sometimes it gets to me in spite of how hard I am to what I talk about every day, and tonight it did, though I didn’t show it–hey, we’re learning, and I get that, and I’m genuinely glad I can create an environment where students say that stuff out loud so we can actually talk about it. But sometimes it gets to me. When that car laid on the horn as it sped past me on a street more than wide enough for the both of us, it came out, and I was pedaling through tears, saying to myself over and over again, “I belong, I belong, I belong.” Because I do, on my bike, in my body, regardless of my gender or sexuality, and so do you, and we are all here, so let’s figure out how to share this space without asking some of us to shut up and quit whining. I kept on pedaling until I got to Slice where I knew they would sell me pizza with bacon on it, red wine, and leave me alone. Riding your bike on the street is activism, people. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Chico’s Parking Lot at Magazine and Joseph

So when I first moved to New Orleans, the only grocery store I knew about was the Winn-Dixie on Tchoupitoulas, the regular grocery of my department chair/tour guide. I went there upon arrival to get a few things to make a first dinner in this city I hadn’t even visited before rolling up in the Hyundai Accent a few days before. There were no fresh tomatoes at the Winn Dixie. In August.*   Continue reading

Tree Root Across the Sidewalk on St. Mary’s Near Coliseum

Tree Root on the Sidewalk on St. Mary's Near ColiseumI am under the weather, all sniffles and sinuses, and this is really putting a dent in my bicycling. I mean, I need to breathe, people! But after some decongestant and guaifenesin, I was in shape to ride to the CBD to meet K. for our weekly dinner date. It was hot and cool, depending on the shade level, and I showed up thirsty. Continue reading

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. Joseph

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. JosephIt was another rainy and sticky day in New Orleans as I rode around town to work, to the coffee shop, to dinner with K., and then down to the Treme to visit with D. and her kitty, Astro, who is very, very sick. I decided to take Magazine back Uptown on my way home. Continue reading