Rainy Uptown Street

Rainy Uptown Street The skies were ominous as I headed down to the CBD to pick up paper for our programs for the E. Patrick Johnson event on Monday, and then up to campus for a faculty meeting. But I wasn’t about to drive, so I got my raincoat and a plastic bag and headed out. It was the ride home that really caught me in a downpour. I wear glasses, so rain is sort of my enemy when biking. I can’t see much of anything through steamed-up rain-spotted glasses, so I let the m slip down my nose and squint over the top. I was thinking, as I slowly but surely pedaled home, that today’s blog might just have to be about what I didn’t see today, since I mostly just saw the rain. I snapped this picture of a rainy street while taking a brief rest under a tree, the only place I could stay a tiny bit dry. It was only a little after 6pm, but it looked three hours later. By the time I made it home I was ringing out my socks and the skirt of my dress and inadvertently steaming my cell phone in my raincoat pocket. I hopped in my car and drove downtown to meet friends for a cocktail. I don’t actually mind riding in the rain, but man, I need the proper gear. Any suggestions?.

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