Old Stove on Dauphine and St. Philip

Old Stove at Dauphine and St. PhilipI rode my bike down to the Treme tonight to pick up some flyers for an event we’re organizing at work (you should come if you are in the New Orleans area! Next Monday! At Tulane!) and to see some friends. It was a most perfect night for a bike ride, and I needed to work out the kinks caused by a late afternoon coffee. Learn from my poor choices: if she offers you a large coffee for just ten cents more on a Tuesday afternoon, remember: there will be other costs. I took Dauphine on my ride back Uptown and stopped to snap a picture of this old stove, abandoned near St. Philip. Just up the block was a sofa piled with a couple of huge rugs. I’m not sure if someone is moving out, someone was thrown out, or if someone is just upgrading. But this stove is seriously old. I wonder how many meals it has cooked, how it ended up out here, where it will go. This is a town that has seen a whole lot of appliance turnover. Does anyone know where they go? I got back on my bike and continued my ride home, handing out plenty of “How you doin’?s” to they many people enjoying the cooler weather on their porches along Baronne. Yes, this weather suits me and my bike just fine.

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