Ship, Train, and Car at Poland and Chartres

Ship and Train Car at Poland and ChartresIt was a beautiful day in New Orleans today, perfect for riding around, which is exactly what I did after meeting D. for lunch in the Marigny. I rode out on St. Claude. That bike lane is still my favorite place to ride in the city. I turned on Poland and rode up and down, trying to figure out what that building was  (Poland Scrap Metal) and marveling at the strangely out of place post office. So much of that neighborhood is blighted, but the post office is brand spanking new. I crossed St. Claude going the other way and stopped to take this picture at the corner of Poland and Chartres. My nephew would have loved this sight–so much transportation, all at once, with that giant ship, the train car, and the car. And heck, I was on a bicycle. It’s still surprising to me to see ships of this size on the Mississippi River, partly because the river is so well-hidden from the city, even though the city is shaped like it is precisely because of the river. There’s so much going on around here that we just don’t see, sometimes because we aren’t looking, but often because they’re hiding stuff. I bet the naval yard here has some scary stories to tell. I spent thre rest of the afternoon and evening tooling around, enjoying the much cooler weather, reminded again to keep looking closer.

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