Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press

Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press StreetI know, I’m like a broken record, but the weather is so flipping beautiful here this week. I rode around running errands this afternoon, in a skirt and tank top and sandals as my shoulders baked in the sun. In November. Man, I love living here! Those hot and humid summer months–which I also enjoy–are worth it for these pleasant fall days. Continue reading

Ship, Train, and Car at Poland and Chartres

Ship and Train Car at Poland and ChartresIt was a beautiful day in New Orleans today, perfect for riding around, which is exactly what I did after meeting D. for lunch in the Marigny. I rode out on St. Claude. That bike lane is still my favorite place to ride in the city. I turned on Poland and rode up and down, trying to figure out what that building was  (Poland Scrap Metal) and marveling at the strangely out of place post office. Continue reading

Power Pole at St. Claude and Marigny

Power Pole at St. Claude and MarignySometimes riding my bike just feels like flying. That’s what it felt like tonight, as I rode down to the Marigny to meet friends for drinks. I’d spent the day reading, thinking, writing, cleaning, and cooking, so when night came around, it was time to just fly. Continue reading

Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

Oliver Train Depot at GalvezI took Jack out for a ride this afternoon, and it felt so, so good. It was either a little bit cooler or I’ve acclimated, and that made biking around town much more pleasant.  I planned to ride down to the Marigny hoping to find the bike shop open for a payday treat, but got sidetracked Uptown, watching a movie shoot. Continue reading

Drawbridge Over the Industrial Canal at St. Claude

Drawbridge at the Industrial CanalYep, another beautiful day in New Orleans, as evidenced by the sky in this picture. I decided to take an easy ride today, as I’m a little sore from the past week of near-constant riding. After work I took Jack down to the Marigny to do a little writing at the coffee shop. Then we tooled over to a bar for the infamous Tater Tachos (nachos, but with tater tots instead of chips) and a beer. I was going to head home, but as the sun started to wane, just a little bit, it was a touch cooler and I decided to zip up the St. Claude bike lane over to the Lower Ninth. Continue reading

Flowered Vines on Decaying Garage at St. Claude and Piety

Flowers on Decaying Garage at St. Claude and PietyFor all the talk of thunderstorms yesterday, today was gray, dreary, and just a little bit wet.  But after waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I decided this afternoon demanded a bike ride.  So I kept my skirt on, grabbed Jack, clipped in, and rode off to meet a friend in the Marigny to do some reading.  Continue reading

The Industrial Canal and St. Bernard Parish

Today was a beautiful day in New Orleans.  The humidity was low, the temp was in the mid-80s, and the sun was shining.  In spots.  Fine, it was pretty overcast, but I’ll take what I can get.  Continue reading

St. Claude Bike Lane

Today I went for a long bike ride, stopping along the way to get some reading done. It was hot and I was in the mood for an afternoon beer, but on my way to Mimi’s in the Marigny, I ran into the new and much hyped bike lane on St. Claude. Continue reading