Phillies vs. Yankees at Burgundy and Conti

Phillies vs. Yankees at a French Quarter BarI got Rhoda some presents today. I stopped at the fabulously friendly and convenient Uptown shop, Mike the Bike Guy, and got her new handlebars (the right bar was finally rusting off after last year’s crash that bent it) and grips, a new front tire (that thing is so worn you can almost see the tube near the rim), and a new bottom bracket for my fender (ah, rust…). Then I wanted to take her for a ride. I headed down to the Lower Garden District to meet J. for a crepe at the new Sweet Gals restaurant–delicious food and friendly folks, a must visit. Afterwards, though, I just wanted to ride. I headed down to the Quarter and just went up and down the streets, enjoying the cool air and my skirt in the wind. I was riding, but also looking for a place to watch some baseball, and when I passed this bar, and saw the big screen with the game on, I had to stop. I love baseball. I love the strategy, the pace, the slow build of tension, the rush of the score… I had such a pleasant evening, sitting in the bar, alone, a whiskey on the rocks, watching the game as those guys played some golf video game and ordered in Chinese food and that woman at the bar got an order from IHOP (they deliver! who knew!). And then I got back on my bike and zipped home. Another lovely day and night of riding around New Orleans.

2 thoughts on “Phillies vs. Yankees at Burgundy and Conti

  1. Great ride and interlude. Now, what about that front brake you were going to add a couple of paychecks ago? Just checkin’ up on ya.

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