Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon’s Den

Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon's DenIt is hot and humid in New Orleans, even though it is the end of October. I was sweating like June when I got down to D.’s place for our weekly TV date with J., R., and S. Afterwards a few of us hopped on our bikes and rode over to the Dragon’s Den on Esplanade near Frenchman to see and hear some music (unfortunately, our dilly dally-ing meant we missed the show). I picked us up some beers and we headed out to the courtyard where it really felt like summer. I turned around to snap a picture of the lights strung about and saw this painted ohm symbol on the wall behind me. And then I noticed all the Orientalist imagery at the place. I was having a truly lovely evening, and then this. I hate the random snatching of cultural and religious symbols, it’s a thing with me. I could go on and on about authenticity and appropriation and all kind of things, but I want to tell you instead how perfect it was to sit outside with friends who tell good stories and then how perfect that ride home was, thick air, strong headwind, a little Bruce in the ears. Yeah, I think I’ll go with that.

2 thoughts on “Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon’s Den

  1. i mean it’s called “the dragon’s den”… and they serve vegan chicken wings. they’d be failing us if they didn’t put their tramp stamps on the wall

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