Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and Camp

Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and CampSo I’m riding my bike back from dinner with K. and some grocery shopping when I pass this street sign at the corner of Louisiana and Camp. It is warning drivers to park for no more than two hours (my failure to follow this sign has resulted in some pretty hefty fines this month). This sign was also home to that bike from several weeks ago that had been locked up there for months and months. The bike is gone, but it has been replaced by a rubber chicken and a clock. The chicken got jammed up there a few days ago, bringing back fond memories of the rubber chicken I almost caught two Mardi Gras ago (my short friend N. totally snaked it out from under me). Tonight, though, was the first time I noticed the clock, mounted on the sign just as it would be mounted on a wall. It’s broken, but it’s right twice a day. How convenient! I wonder who has decided to install this lovely street art, but I must say, it has brightened my day. I like how easily public property can be commandeered for another use; I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often. This little display is silly, but I appreciate it nonetheless, particularly on days like this one where I’m so, so tired that each pedal stroke feels like work.

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