Pigeons Snacking at the Whole Foods on Magazine

Pigeons Snacking Outside the Whole Foods on MagazineI was prepared for a significant storm today, but that’s not quite what happened. Let me amend–I thought about being prepared for a significant storm, but what that ended up meaning was that I wore flip flops on my ride to work just in case I got caught in a downpour on my ride home. I’ve ruined enough leather shoes in this town already. The rain didn’t start until quite late, so I stopped at the grocery store for some red lentils for soup. I took this picture of pigeons snacking in the street near where I’d locked up my bike. I was at Whole Foods, so of course the pigeons were pecking away at what looked like some kind of whole grain raisin breadstick or something. The pigeons didn’t appear to have a hurricane plan, but maybe that’s because they were seemingly fearless. I mean, I walked right up to them, and they barely even flinched. Maybe that bread was just that good. I remember seeing a squirrel eating an eggroll at my apartment in Hartford once. And then there was E.’s pigeon-eating-chicken-bones sighting. Very, very disturbing, somehow. These birds seem to have found a pretty good snack. I spun myself home with my groceries and spent the afternoon napping, listening to the wind. Not bad.

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