House on Delachaise and S. Liberty, Redux

House at Delachaise and S. LibertyI ride very similar routes around this town, every single day. Up and down St. Charles, down Simon Bolivar, up Baronne, up and down St. Claude. One thing I love about biking, though, is that there’s always something new to see, to notice, as long as you pay attention. I rode down Delachaise on my way home from work this afternoon. They’ve repaved this and a few other streets in Central City, and even though it was a little cool today, the sun was warm as I wheeeed down the smooth asphalt. I stopped before South Liberty to take a picture of this house, seemingly abandoned since I’m not sure when. I remembered blogging about this house almost exactly a year ago. The house looks almost exactly the same. The piles of trash in front of the neighboring lot is gone, and the cat’s claw has made greater inroads on the house next door. The empty lot is still overgrown, a little taller than this time last year. I expected, when posting this picture, that things might be different from last year. But it looks almost exactly the same, except for the clouds in tonight’s sky. I will certainly still be biking down this street next year; we’ll see if anything changes by then, for reasons other than natural decay.

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