Decorated House at Peniston and S. Saratoga

Dressed-Up House at Peniston and SaratogaI rode home from work today, against the wind, even though I rode to work against the wind…where’s the payoff? Well, it’s in a sunny and warm mid-November day. Seriously. I’m still riding about in a t-shirt, skirt, and strappy sandals. I rode down Peniston because the smooth asphalt was simply too enticing. I love new asphalt partly because I can hear the hum of my chain with my regular rattles quieted. I stopped to take a picture of this house near Saratoga. It is wild. It is highly decorated, from the tree wearing a sign proclaiming its lineage to the orange and white metal work and the mounted Saints helmet in the yard. This house dresses up for holidays, but every day is a holiday for this place. I wonder what the neighbors think of this house. The block has some houses that are still a mess; this neighborhood has its share of blight. But it also has new construction that looks like it might turn up its nose at a place like this. I wonder how they all get along. I know I always stop when I ride past here, though. Thank you, people-how-live-here, for brightening up many a bicycle ride.

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