Freret St. Po Boy and Doughnuts at Freret and Valence

Freret St. Po Boy and Donuts at Freret and ValenceI rode my bike up to campus today for a couple of meetings, and I’m glad I did, so I could ride back home along Freret. At D.’s suggestion, I stopped here, at Freret St. Po Boys and Donuts and picked up not one, but two glazed donuts. The man behind the counter declared it good weather for a glazed donut, and I had to agree with him. They were so soft. And chewy. I realized I haven’t had a good donut in, well, years. I hate that Krispy Kreme business, so I’m pretty much out of luck at my local grocery stores and gas stations. I’m glad to have found this place. I will be back. Tomorrow. A lot of new things are sprouting up on Freret Street these days. Last night I rode my bike to a bar that I’d watched going up for months and months. I didn’t love it–fancy pants isn’t quite my speed–but I’m glad it’s there. And there’s the new organic snoball stand and the comic book shop and the boxing gym (well, that’s been there for awhile) and the monthly market. I would like to request a repaving, especially since a buckled part of the road almost knocked me off Rhoda last night, but otherwise, three cheers for the revitalized Freret Street! I had to run back to campus to meet up with J. for advice on organizing events–the Bicycle Film Festival is coming to town!–but I rode back down St. Charles. Because it takes a lot out of a bike ride when you’re constantly swerving around potholes and bracing over bumps. I know there’s no way we’ll ever have good roads in this town, but on a day like today, with otherwise lovely rides–including a night ride down to the Treme–I really, really wish we had more smooth asphalt.

One thought on “Freret St. Po Boy and Doughnuts at Freret and Valence

  1. hi. i’m so happy you liked the donuts and a dork like me is ecstatic about the comic shop. sorry about the potholes. we need to get stacy head right on that. BIKE LANE, please. it should be a low (driving) speed thoroughfare to Tulane. a lot of people use it, despite the potholes. XO

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