Goldsprints at Handsome Willy’s on N. Robertson

Tonight was the opening-night party for Bike Bash, a weekend celebrating bikes and bike culture in New Orleans, sponsored by Metro Bicycle Coalition, Plan B, and RUBARB. I was excited to ride my bike to a place where lots of other folks were riding their bikes. The crowd included lots of NOLA Bike Polo team members as well as many MBC members and friends. I don’t know most of these bikers, so I was a little nervous, but at the same time, it felt a little like I’d found my people. I snapped this photo of folks sitting around and chatting while goldsprints sign ups went around. I’ve never seen goldsprints, and let me just say they are fun, fun, fun. I didn’t know most of the racers, but I found myself cheering them on (usually whoever was on the blue bike–matches my eyes) and getting in to the competition. Dudes were going over 50MPH! That’s serious racing, man. This was just the first event among many, and I’m looking forward to a weekend of bikes and bikers and biking. And yes, I’ll be getting there by bike.

2 thoughts on “Goldsprints at Handsome Willy’s on N. Robertson

  1. Recently Planet Green or Discovery had a clip of a group of bicyclist that were delivering and installing compact flourescents in some New Orleans neighborhoods. The purpose was to make home in NO more green. I did not see you in the group but I suppose you were hard at work, or is that hardly at work.

    • Hee! Well, Robert, I’m sure I was hard, hard at work… I didn’t know about this group! Thanks for the heads up–I’m going to look for them.

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