Concrete Foundations at Louisa and Law

It was cool and stormy today, but it’s Bike Bash 2009, so I headed out to take in some events. I was all set to volunteer at RUBARB‘s Bike Rodeo for kids, but they had too many volunteers and not enough work to do. That’s a really, really good problem to have, it seems to me. I left, promising myself to come back on another Saturday when they might need another hand. I spent the afternoon on a ride with no destination. I dodged intermittent rain, riding into the wind for most of the day, so I was pedaling hard. For some reason I enjoyed that hard work immensely. I headed out Louisa just to see where it would go, and stopped to snap a picture of these concrete foundations. It was like a foundation graveyard out here at Louisa and Law, and it felt eerie. I can’t tell if this marks the end of something or the beginning of something else. I guess it’s probably both. I continued my ride through Gentilly, up Chef Menteur, in to Lakeview, with a brief stop at the PJ’s by UNO for coffee and a bagel. Then I rode along Bayou St. John, over on Canal past the bike polo tourney, and then up Baronne. In the daytime. It looks a lot different with all that light. I haven’t had a good aimless ride in awhile–damn job getting in the way–and I needed it. That’s just the sort of ride that puts me back in myself.

3 thoughts on “Concrete Foundations at Louisa and Law

  1. I have a question….probably has been asked before….do you ever feel unsafe?….especially late at night. I would feel safe where I live but it is small town America not big city.

    • Hi, Denise! Lovely to “see” you here. I don’t actually feel unsafe biking around, though I know lots of folks who worry about me. I guess I just don’t want to limit myself according to my fear, but it is surely something to keep in mind, especially in a city with the crime we’ve got here in New Orleans. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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