Bicyclists Riding Over the Broad Street Overpass at I10

I’m not good at riding a bike with other people. I am bad at setting a pace and I’m bad at following a pace, so group rides aren’t my favorite. Also, for me, time on the bike is time to myself to just silently look around and think about stuff or think about nothing, so it took a little something to get me out of bed this morning and onto the bike to meet several hundred other people on bikes for the third annual Bicycle Second Line. Continue reading

Cargo Bike at Jackson Square


Today’s ride took me down to Jackson Square where I met I. to help her out with her bicycle survey that she’s doing for the Metro Bicycle Coalition on bike parking. There are no bike racks in the Quarter, and parking down there is way too much of an adventure. I know that, but do I really *know* that? Where do peoiple want to be able to put their bikes? Would our bikes be safer if we locked them up to racks? How far are people willing to walk from rack to destination? I asked a lot people those questions today, and I had a lot of people pretend I didn’t exist as I attempted to flag then down. It is an odd sensation, having people make eye contact with you but refuse to even suggest they hear you or recognize you as a fellow human being. How’s about we not do that, even if we are tired of being asked? It must be much, much harder to ask. Anyway. I saw lots of bikes and lots of bikers today, including this one in the Square. That guy’s towing some serious cargo. I want there to be room for everybody’s wheels. I sat on the steps of the Cabildo for a break, watching Critical Mass gathering, listening to a surprisingly good band, and counting the number of folks who wanted to pet that one dog–what is it about jowls? I do so love living in a world with so many different kinds of people, many of whom will wander through the square on warm spring days like this one.

Jennifer Ruley Accepting the “Bike Easy” Award at Bicycle World

75 degrees and sunny in December? Don’t mind if I do! This weather may portend the end of days, but I’m going to ride my bike around in it like a little girl until we all go under. I was a little tired from yesterday, but I took the Surly out, first to do some bicycle-related work, then to the museum for some southern folk art before hitting the gym. I rode back Uptown in time to choke down some cold pizza before tonight’s Metro Bicycle Coalition holiday party out at Jefferson Bicycle World. Continue reading

View From 1440 Canal, 23rd Floor

After zipping up to Tulane for the first day of summer school I took the Surly downtown for a meeting of the KidsWalk coalition. There were representatives from a whole bunch of interested parties–Metro Bicycle Coalition, Regional Planning Commission, Neighborhoods Partnership Network, Safe Routes to School, the AARP, the Department of Public Works, and several other groups. Turns out, there are lots of stakeholders in making our streets and sidewalks navigable for everyone. Continue reading

A Line of Bikes at the Bicycle Second Line in Audubon Park

I got up before 7:00 this morning, on a Saturday. This is not something I consider appropriate for a woman of my habits, but today was the big day: the bike rodeo for kids, followed by the bicycle second line in support of the Metro Bicycle Coalition. Continue reading

Community Garden at Terpsichore and O.C. Haley

After I finished my writing for the day I hopped on the Surly, still shiny and new from the shoppe, and headed out to do a final ride of the route for this Saturday’s Bicycle Second Line with the Metro Bicycle Coalition. Streets change fast around here, so I wanted to do a last run, taking note of any road construction or serious potholes. Other than the usual off-roading on Freret and that sinkhole developing at Melpomene and St. Charles, the streets are decent and the parade is ready to roll. Continue reading

Blue Sky Over the Fountain at City Park’s Big Lake

I had one of those days today, the kind where you set out on your bicycle with no real plan and find yourself stumbling across the most lovely things in fantastic weather with a spectacular blue sky overhead. Oh, it was divine! After a quick stop to make some copies at work, I rode over to City Park to register for tomorrow’s Tour de Lis and find out about getting a spot to hand out membership applications for the Metro Bicycle Coalition (regular readers: please consider¬†joining to support safe cycling in the Crescent City!). By the time I got over there I was seriously soggy from the heat, so I ducked into the New Orleans Museum of Art for air conditioning and Continue reading

Cat’s Claw on a Power Pole in Central City

It was a truly beautiful day in New Orleans, yet again. Unfortunately, I spent most of it inside instead of out. I wasn’t riding my bike, but I was talking about bikes at the Winning Campaigns training put on by the Alliance for Biking and Walking. I got up at 7:00 in the morning–on a Saturday–and rode down OC Haley to the LANO building for a full day of learning. Now, I’m a skeptical kid. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might think I’m fairly sunny and optimistic, but I have this knee-jerk reaction to the whole idea of a meeting. And one that lasts all day long? Please. Continue reading

Claiborne Tire and Auto at Claiborne and Esplanade

Oh, it’s cold out. And windy. And this particular New Orleans bicycler is more than ready for spring and summer to get here. But in the meantime I’ll just bundle up, remember my mittens, and pedal hard against the headwind. Tonight’s ride took my downtown to join the gym (water aerobics, here I come!) and then to the coffee shoppe in Mid-City for a meeting with the Metro Bike Coalition (join!). Continue reading

Graffiti at Magazine and Race

After a disappointing series of flat tires and a rainstorm yesterday, I was happy to hop back on the bike today for my regular commute. I then got a nice evening ride in as I headed over to Mid-City for another meeting with the Metro Bike Coalition. Continue reading