New Orleans Bike Polo at Canal and Villere

After getting a little bit lost on my bike yesterday, and riding around for more hours than I’d planned, I have to admit I was dragging a little when I got up early to bike out to Gentilly to meet the Nolacycle folks for the Bike Bash mapping ride. But oh, I’m glad I did. It was great to see so many people on bikes–including the folks biking around the south planting trees!–joining in on the project. I enjoyed my ride so much, I was instantly regretful that I hadn’t joined the team sooner. I took a nice, leisurely ride back to Canal and Villere to check out some bike polo action and help out with the BBQ. Nobody brought charcoal lighter fluid. So I spent thirty minutes on a mission to find some. In November. I delivered it, and then sat back and watched some polo. I tried to see myself making myself a mallet, getting on my Surly, knocking the ball around, but I just don’t think it’s for me. Then again, I haven’t tried it. Sigh. There are so, so many things to do with bikes. When I finally made it home this afternoon I was seriously wishing I had a bathtub for a good soak after a full weekend of riding all over this town. Next stop: Bicycle Film Festival! Perfect.

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