Molly Marine at Canal and Elk

Ok, so for me, riding a bicycle is usually a solitary act. I don’t love riding with other people–I’m not good at pacing. I prefer heavily-trafficked routes to the side streets with their potholes, unlike most of my friends, for whom fear of the motor vehicle outweighs all else. And I’m a stickler about being a law-abiding cyclist, which means no, I do not want to ride the wrong way down that one way street (S., I’m looking at you). But today I rode my bike down to the Tidewater Building on Canal to talk about riding in the city with nine other folks who regularly pedal around here. Turns out, all the things that drive me crazy drive others crazy too. And it turns out I’m not all that law-abiding either. Asked repeatedly what would make me obey all stop signs, traffic or not, I kept saying, “nothing.” I enjoyed this brief foray into group activity, but was also happy to leave, clip in, and head off on my own way. I stopped in front of this statue on my ride back toward the river. It was 5:00, which meant heavy traffic on Canal, and rather than try to talk on my cell phone and ride at the same time (there’s not a law against it, but there probably should be), I hopped off and walked my bike. I’ve ridden past Molly Marine a hundred times, but I’ve actually never really noticed her. She was erected in 1943, in honor of women marines, the very first statue honoring military women in the entire U.S.. Huh. Sometimes it’s safer to get off and walk. Who knows what you’ve been missing, speeding by on a bike.

6 thoughts on “Molly Marine at Canal and Elk

  1. I enjoy your rides more than I can say. I research what is in your pictures when possible so I am also expanding my knowledge of New Orleans….a city I have not visited nor will likely have the opportunity. So thank you Kate.

  2. I, like you, like those “brief foray’s into group activities” but then like to zoom off on my own…..and I wonder just how many other statues of women (military or not) dot our horizons..

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