Lights at the Walgreens at Dauphine and Canal

The last week or so of rides have been largely task rides. Even when I was riding for pleasure, I was usually looking for a places to put posters or flyers for the Bicycle Film Festival. Today was stormy, but I was excited to get to ride for pleasure to meet friends at a fancy bar on North Rampart for fancy drinks. The streets were wet and empty, and it felt so, so good to just spin the pedals on the Surly as I raced myself downtown. I slowed when I hit the streetcar tracks, though–beware the wet track! The ride back Uptown was even nicer. I don’t know, it just felt good to be riding tonight. I snapped this picture while waiting for the light to change at at Dauphine and Canal. This Walgreens is the brightest in the city, especially so tonight, with the wet asphalt reflecting like this. I love the city’s attempts to make it feel like Christmas in places where they might have trees to string lights. Here, we get giant lighted socks for our palm trees. The light changed and I raced home, strangely pleased I don’t have fenders on the Surly. Yep, it’s always good riding weather in New Orleans.

3 thoughts on “Lights at the Walgreens at Dauphine and Canal

  1. Lights relecting off of wet pavement are one of my favorite things. It makes me feel as though I am living in an impressionist painting. Kinda nice, on occasion, to lose the sharp focus of the everyday.

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