Saints Gear For Sale at the Walgreens on Canal and Baronne

I’m not sure you’ve heard, but the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. It is impossible not to know this as you move around this city. I saw a woman in full on Saints game day gear, including the novelty sunglasses. I saw the owner of the diner by my house finishing up repainting its facade in black and gold. Continue reading

King Cakes at the Walgreens on St. Charles

I can’t get this picture to rotate the right way. That’s because I took it with my new cellular telephone (I hope the thief who swiped my old one has had a chance to make all his/her important calls), and I now have to learn how to use it. Perhaps after finals are over the students shall become the teachers. In the meantime, tilt your head and behold what I found at the Walgreens tonight. Continue reading

Lights at the Walgreens at Dauphine and Canal

The last week or so of rides have been largely task rides. Even when I was riding for pleasure, I was usually looking for a places to put posters or flyers for the Bicycle Film Festival. Today was stormy, but I was excited to get to ride for pleasure to meet friends at a fancy bar on North Rampart for fancy drinks. Continue reading