Sunflowers in a Vacant Lot at Seventh and Laurel

I flew back into New Orleans last night after a quick jaunt to Boise, Idaho to see the parents, and it feels good to be home. I was way too tired to take the bike out yesterday, so I was especially excited to take Rhoda out for a quick spin. We didn’t ride far due to other plans involving a car, but riding around Uptown was a great reminder that I live in a beautiful place and that yes, I love riding bikes–just a couple pedals and I’m back in myself. I was riding down Seventh when I passed this empty lot. Filled with sunflowers. At the end of December. This is one of those common scenes in New Orleans where from one angle, it is a site of loss, but from another, a site of possibility and growth. Sometimes–like every other time I’ve passed this lot–we just don’t notice; our context tends to disappear as we get used to the view. I wish I’d had a bike and good weather to find some of the scenes in Boise. Next time. For now, it’s good to be home.

3 thoughts on “Sunflowers in a Vacant Lot at Seventh and Laurel

  1. I heard that if you plant sunflowers on a lot that had a lot of lead paint chips that you can then pull the mature plants out of the ground and they will have pulled the lead out of the ground too, supposedly ridding the area of lead paint all together….My friend said she was going to do it in her new backyard that’s full of lead paint chips.

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