Sugar Bowl-Bound Fans on Canal and Camp

Last night ended with a popped tube on Magazine and Poydras, so today meant catching a ride downtown with my tube repair kit, pump, and 15mm wrench. It was surprisingly pleasurable to set up shop there on Magazine, even though I was in the way of the impressive flow of Sugar Bowl pedestrian traffic; I don’t know, it feels good to use public space in ways you’re not meant to. Football fans were everywhere. After fixing my front tire, I walked the bike through the crowds toward the Quarter on my way to the Treme for some lazy New Year’s Day pizza and TV. As I approached Canal I could hear the rush of crowd noise. It’s a low hum. I actually thought maybe it was music pumped from a hotel to add a level of authentic crowd noise. But it was actually the huge number of not-yet-embarrassed Cincinnati Bearcats fans cheering as the team buses heading from the Hilton to the Superdome. I snapped this picture while waiting for a gap to safely get the bike through without running into any obliviously drunk fans. I made it through, hopped on, and pedaled through the Quarter, acutely aware that there were thousands of people in New Orleans having a very, very different sort of day from mine.

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