Du Mois Gallery at Freret and Upperline

I woke up early to gray skies and sound of rain on the roof. Ugh. I just want to ride my bike around in the warm, New Orleans sunshine! Sigh. I decided to just put on my raincoat and home for the best as I biked up to campus. It was so, so foggy, but I somehow avoided the rain and was happy to be on the bike. I took Freret Street home in unexpected sunshine. I stopped to snap this picture of the Du Mois studio at Freret and Upperline. It’s a new art studio in the newly hip Freret Street corridor. This neighborhood has designated a cultural district, which means artists can sell their work tax-free. The program seems like a great idea–for neighborhoods, for artists, for cultural life, and I hope the buzz about the new Freret Street keeps growing. But actually it’s a picture of that turquoise VW bug and those red steps and that blue sky and how pretty it is here on afternoons like this one.

3 thoughts on “Du Mois Gallery at Freret and Upperline

  1. Isn’t it interesting that Upperline street is downriver from Lowerline street? I think Upperline was the upriver line for the old town of Lafayette, while Lowerline was the downriver line for the town of Carrollton. Guess what old border was represented by Northline in Metairie.

    • Actually, Upperline was the upriver border of the Bouligny Plantation.
      Lowerline was the downriver edge of the LeMiel (?) plantation and later became he capitol of Jefferson Parish, before that part of town was absorbed by OP.

  2. I stumbled upon this neighborhood on Freret, a street I had previously neglected. It’s an interesting place, especially around Jefferson, too.

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