Du Mois Gallery at Freret and Upperline

I woke up early to gray skies and sound of rain on the roof. Ugh. I just want to ride my bike around in the warm, New Orleans sunshine! Sigh. I decided to just put on my raincoat and home for the best as I biked up to campus. Continue reading

Freret St. Po Boy and Doughnuts at Freret and Valence

Freret St. Po Boy and Donuts at Freret and ValenceI rode my bike up to campus today for a couple of meetings, and I’m glad I did, so I could ride back home along Freret. At D.’s suggestion, I stopped here, at Freret St. Po Boys and Donuts and picked up not one, but two glazed donuts. The man behind the counter declared it good weather for a glazed donut, and I had to agree with him. They were so soft. And chewy. Continue reading