Saints Fans Arriving at the Superdome for the NFC Championship

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there was a football game in New Orleans today. The NFC championship against the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre? Winner goes to the Super Bowl? Yeah, that game. I am a little under the weather, so was planning to stay in to watch the game, but after finishing up some work and peeking outside at the sunshine, and I knew I had to ride down to check out the crowds. Man, I’m glad I wasn’t trying to park a car down there. I parked the bike and followed the crowd up the ramp and took this picture of the masses thronging through the tailgate and into the Dome. This town is absolutely crazy for this football team. I, of course, did not have tickets for the game, so I got back on the bike and rode through a lot more tailgating and watched the game at a friend’s house. It was completely cathartic. I rode home up Frenchman and through the Quarter and through waves and waves of fans. As R. said, it’s like the lonely doesn’t feel as lonely on nights like this.

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