Freeway Signs on the Broad Street Overpass

It’s Carnival time, people. I got up this morning and rode over to Mid-City to meet C. and P. for their annual bead-and-plush-throwapalooza, along with lots and lots of other people on this Saturday afternoon. I just got a few things. The checker asked me if I rode. Not in a parade, I said, but on my bike. The ride was a bit of a challenge, I’ve got to admit. It was windywindy today, and Rhoda’s lack of gears meant I walked us over the I10 overpass on Broad. I took this picture of freeway signs attached to the bridge because this is the kind of thing you’ll miss if you stay in your car, and even if you never get off your bike. Who knew they were mounted like this, that there are wires snaking along under here? I’m not sure why they’re there. I mean, the things don’t light up or anything. Clearly, this is going to call for a little more research. But also in need of research, stat: Did Budweiser pay the NFL for congratulating “Who Dat Nation” on that sign over there? Because apparently the NFL owns those words. That, my friends, is a whole other rant. Now I’m taking the newly-carnival-pimped bike downtown for the first parade of the season. Oh, yeah. Here we go!

One thought on “Freeway Signs on the Broad Street Overpass

  1. Gotta love all the neat stuff you see on a bike!

    I can think of several things that wiring could feed…

    Lights under the bridge, some type of traffic count devices, or??


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