Do Not Enter Sign at Bayou St. John

S. texted me this morning, reporting she was in the mood for a bike ride. Ever happy to oblige such moods, I hopped on Rhoda (all decked out for Mardi Gras) and headed to Bayou St. John for a promised ride on Lafitte. Folks are urging a greenway project, but until then, I can vouch that the street itself is a smooth ride. I waited in front of the Parkway Tavern, and while waiting, took a picture of this very artistic sign that reads “Do Not Enter-No Trespassing.” This empty lot clearly belongs to someone, but I appreciate that they’ve tried to be nice about it. The sky, though, look at that thing! It is simply so beautiful here. We tooled down to the Quarter for the Buddy D. Dress Parade honoring the Saints (not enough skin) and then over to St. Claude for a second line (too many cops on horseback not dancing), followed by a trip on the St. Claude bike lane to the Lower 9th. Yes, I was most definitely in the mood for a bike ride.

3 thoughts on “Do Not Enter Sign at Bayou St. John

  1. Well, here in small-town Idaho, we have the Winter Carnival, with Saturday’s “Mardi Gras” parade. I caught a cap from an auto parts float (threw it back on the float), a frisbee from the Navy (sailed it down the crowded block), and 3 sets of beads. Oh, and no harm to dentition.

  2. That gulf coast sky is one of the things I miss the most!
    I’m Ruby, my girlfriend Emerald told me to head over here and check out your blog because she said I would love it…she was correct!
    Thanks for all the awesomeness, missing NOLa is hard, but it’s nice to encounter people who are loving it actively 🙂

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