Graffiti at Magazine and Josephine

I had the day off but lots of work to do, so I packed my computer and the first batch of papers to grade for the semester, and rode over to a coffee shop to meet with a smarty pants graduate student. She’s writing a master’s thesis about baseball, gender, race, and U.S. nationalism. It’s good. Anyway, after writing a few things on behalf of one thing or another, I biked back home down Freret, as per usual, but this time to grab my car to pick up J. for lunch and a ride home to the Treme. Driving back in rush hour traffic, I remembered again why it’s always best to go by bike. I was in the mood for a little more riding tonight, so I hopped on Rhoda and we headed to the coffee shoppe to do a little grading with K. On my way back I stopped to take a picture of this graffiti on a building at Magazine and Josephine. When you look at this building on googlemaps, the whole thing is one color. But live and in person, it has clearly been through a number of iterations. You’ve got the light yellow that is either covering up a large piece, or serving as a canvas. Then you’ve got the tags painted in red and then over in gray. On top of everything is the Task and three dots. I wonder if these are layers by different folks, or if this is all part of a plan. For some reason I like the three dots best. Another lazy commuting day around this lovely city.

2 thoughts on “Graffiti at Magazine and Josephine

  1. “smarty pants graduate student” – LOL

    They come in all age groups, including smarty pants undergrads, remedials, and high school varieties…..

  2. I, for one, would like to read “smarty pant’s” thesis.
    How does she tie such disparate subjects into one
    cohesive whole? Baseball and race I can see, but I’m having trouble with gender and nationalism.

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