Graffiti at Magazine and Race

After a disappointing series of flat tires and a rainstorm yesterday, I was happy to hop back on the bike today for my regular commute. I then got a nice evening ride in as I headed over to Mid-City for another meeting with the Metro Bike Coalition. I was in a surprisingly good mood this evening and racing up Canal with a song in my ear just made things better. Man, I love riding a bike on a cool evening on smooth streets. I headed back Uptown by way of the Treme, enjoying the air, dancing on my bike. I took this picture of some graffiti on a building at Magazine and Race. I kind of love this one. I love her ambiguous expression and sad and/or judgmental eyes. I love the woman who is her other eye–so much coyness! Both of these faces are on buildings all over town. I’m not sure who does these, though I’m guessing one or both are Banksy given how often these images show up in people’s photo albums and on their cell phones. Tonight I didn’t really care about that, though. I just like how they’re looking at things.

4 thoughts on “Graffiti at Magazine and Race

  1. Hi Kate, you’ve mentioned getting flat tires once in a while. Where I live the goat’s head thorns were giving me flats so often that I almost gave up, until I started riding with slime tubes. Don’t know if you tried them or not. A flat once in a while is no big deal, but if you get them often, you might give the slime tubes a try, see if they help.

  2. Hello, i am considering getting a new motorcycle for my hubby. He though is very careful about what type of injuries could occur from biking accidents. See his love is athletics so if he was hurt, he would likely kill himself, no jokes. Do you think this type of injuries most likley occur, or is it usually simply death!

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