610 Stompers at Saints 12th Man Fan Appreciation Party at Harrah’s

Oh, it was a beautiful day today. By force of habit I grabbed a jacket before heading out to work, but I didn’t need it. In fact, by the time I finished a busy day of teaching, meeting with students, and making copies, I was riding home in just a tank top, the sun heating up my back. Oh, man. I love that feeling. We are getting to spring and then summer, folks. Bring on the heat. After finishing up what felt like a zillion projects, I decided to head down to take the bike down to Harrah’s casino to partake of their Saints fan appreciation party, also known as a giant ad for Coors. After locking my bike to one of the most inconvenient bike racks in town (don’t put the thing against the wall, please–I need to get the lock through there, people), I went in, $20 burning a hole in my pocket. The crowd was a bit thin for the live radio show, so I took that $20 and enjoyed some fine slot machinery. After a bit I headed back to the Ice Bar and snapped this picture of the 610 Stompers doing their thing for the people, who were anxiously awaiting the appearance of Darren Sharper. The guys did a couple of really short dances, not even through whole songs, and the whole thing felt like something that might have been a better idea than a reality. Or I might just be a sourpuss. Everybody else seemed to dig it. Me? I just can’t celebrate the Saints anymore, so I fed my remaining pennies into the machines and then hopped back on the bike, looking forward to riding without these leggings under my fluffy skirts. It’s almost here!

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