Magnolia Tree in Bloom at Magazine and First

I remember springtime in New York City when I was in college. There was this giant magnolia tree on the main lawn, and as the temperatures warmed up, it would start to bud, and we would all watch, waiting impatiently for its large pink flowers to open. But some years spring featured a surprise cold snap that would freeze the new buds before they even had a chance; that would be the end of it. Magnolia trees have one go at flowering. If they freeze, you just have to wait until next year to see the show. I think there were two good blooms when I was there and the other two years were disappointing. Spring in New Orleans has put me on that same edge. The magnolias have been looking ready to bloom for awhile now, but we keep having these cold snaps that have been leaving me worried that the magnolias will miss a year. It’s one of those things that’s on my mind in a really muted way as I cycle around town, and I wonder if anyone else has been worried specifically for these trees in the past month. But as I was riding downtown to meet J. for water aerobics (!), I saw this tree at Magazine and First Street, right down the block from the po boy shop. The thing is in magnificent bloom, not captured at all in this picture, but believe me, I’m relieved. Relieved that the magnolias made it, and relieved that I’m still on my bike, eyes open. Now come on, spring–stick around! You know you want to…

3 thoughts on “Magnolia Tree in Bloom at Magazine and First

  1. I worry every year that my tulip tree will suffer from a freeze and it looks like a bigger bloom flower tree than the magnolia. It keeps growing the more years that I am privileged to live in this beautiful home. I feel love in my home and it includes that wonderful tree.

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