Magnolia Blossoms Behind Tulane’s Gibson Hall

I am just plain tired out from my weekend of biking and walking and shouting for beads, and the weird reaction I’m having to the antibiotic my dentist gave me that is making my joints swell is not helping. In other words, today’s ride was a commute, a quick ride around Audubon Park to loosen things up a bit, and then home to ibuprofen and ice. Continue reading

Scrap Metal at Claiborne & Erato

I spent a good bit of my day in my favorite way: on my bike. I rode down to the Marigny for a much-needed haircut and then sped right back Uptown for a doctor’s appointment (no, I don’t have a flesh-eating bacterial infection–huzzah!). The weather is just ridiculous, and it felt so good to just be flying along and getting sweaty. And it’s only February. Continue reading

Magnolia Tree in Bloom at Magazine and First

I remember springtime in New York City when I was in college. There was this giant magnolia tree on the main lawn, and as the temperatures warmed up, it would start to bud, and we would all watch, waiting impatiently for its large pink flowers to open. Continue reading