Demolition at Chippewa and Race

As anyone who lives here or has spent any time at all reading my blog knows, New Orleans is a place where neighborhoods change drastically from just block to block. I headed downtown to meet J. and her old friend J. for his work party, and instead of taking St. Charles or Magazine or Laurel, I headed down to Chippewa, which honestly feels like a different city from just a few blocks further away from the river. The blight is just at a different scale. I took a left on Race to avoid rush hour traffic on Tchoupitoulas and saw this house being demolished, the backhoe balancing on the pile of debris already building where the house used to be. The place looked like an open dollhouse, especially with the curtains still hanging in the side room and the walls between other rooms still gamely holding on. It’s an odd perspective, seeing something full size that you expect to see in miniature; usually it’s the other way around. I wonder what’s going to go in there, and how the new construction along Chippewa’s going to change the neighborhood. I’ll keep riding the street and taking notes.

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