Surly LHT and Friend at Magazine and Gravier

**Warning: this blog post is just about bikes.**

So I’m back in New Orleans from my mini bicycling vacation, but I’m already scheming my next trip out of town with the Surly (Longleaf Trace, here I come!). I had such a lovely time just hanging out on that bike, and today I went shopping and treated us both to a new saddle that I hope will make those hours on the bike even lovelier. I really, really love my Surly, and I love the adventures we currently take and the lifetime of adventures I can look forward to on that bike, in my mind and in reality. I was happily pedaling along, listening to one of my favorite albums of all time, thinking I best lower this new seat, when I saw another Long Haul Trucker with a fancy Brooks saddle locked up with a friend on a street sign at Magazine and Gravier. That Surly LHT looks a lot like my Surly LHT! I don’t know who rides this bike, but I would bet my right pannier that rider loves that bike, has put some serious miles on her, and probably spends a decent amount of time fantasizing about where to ride her next. I love my bike, and I love the part where other people love their bikes too. If you know who rides this beauty, tell him/her I said hey, nice bike.

7 thoughts on “Surly LHT and Friend at Magazine and Gravier

  1. Have you ever tried riding a fixed gear bike? Do you own a fixed gear bike? Since you’re so fond of Jack, on what occasions will you ride Rhoda?

    Also, aren’t there rules about posting such homoerotic bike photos? This is a family website, right?? Surly on Surly action is really giving me the heeby jeebys.

  2. I’ve got the Brooks B67 on my Specialized Expedition – her name is Skeena – and it rides even cooler than it looks.

    Maybe Skeena can meet Jack some day. I hope so.

  3. ATTN first commenter, Helios

    LHT > Fixie

    One day you’ll wake up and realize this, hopefully for your sake before you ruin your legs!

    I admit that a fixed gear road bike in a completely flat city with regular road drop bars mounted level with saddle, and also including front AND rear brakes, with aero brake levers, and fenders, could be a better machine than a LHT for some people. But most citys aren’t completely flat, and fixed gear road road bikes are almost never equipped with practical cockpits and/or rear brakes.

    Get a LHT, your body will thank you in the long run!

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