One More To Go Graffiti on Burgundy Near Conti

You’ll have to pardon the next zillion blog entries. All will begin with a report on how truly fantastically beautiful the weather is for bike riding down here. Today, for example, it was just so lovely out–70s, blue sky, light breeze, and then a cool evening. I took the Surly down to the Marigny to meet B. for coffee and grading and then rode over to the gym for some weight training and snoozing in the steam room, because it’s spring break. As I headed out on Burgundy to enjoy dinner with S., I noticed this graffiti spray painted on the sidewalk. One more to go, eh? I’m not sure what one more there is–or what and how many have come before–or where we’re going. One more block until we get another drink? One more repaving of Burgundy and then we’ll finally be able to ride down the street without impaling ourselves on our own top tubes? One more bike until I finally have enough? (Yeah, I’m starting to think I’m going to need a trail bike of some sort. I hear this is the sort of thing that can happen to a girl who likes bikes…) Or maybe the graffiti isn’t bicycle-related at all, though that seems unlikely. Maybe one more mayor until we find somebody who can actually govern. Or one more cool night before we get those hot, muggy ones it turns out I like so much. Or one more hand grenade until we start puking in the streets. Or one more war before we figure out that’s not going to fix anything. One more to go, one more to go…both a threat and a promise.

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