My Tuned-Up Bike On Frenchman

After I finished up my writing tasks this afternoon I headed down to Frenchman Street on the rental Schwinn, hoping the Surly would be all done getting spit-shined at this season’s complimentary tune-up (more good reasons to buy from your local bike shoppe!). The Schwinn was a hybrid, easy step-through, fairly speedy, super cute. I thought I’d like some time sitting upright again, especially since Rhoda’s been having problems lately. And it was fun to ride a new bike for a few miles. But man, I was seriously missing my bike. Continue reading

Surly LHT and Friend at Magazine and Gravier

**Warning: this blog post is just about bikes.**

So I’m back in New Orleans from my mini bicycling vacation, but I’m already scheming my next trip out of town with the Surly (Longleaf Trace, here I come!). I had such a lovely time just hanging out on that bike, and today I went shopping and treated us both to a new saddle that I hope will make those hours on the bike even lovelier. Continue reading

Graffiti at Dauphine and Conti

Sock Hop For Cops Graffiti at Dauphine and ContiLast night’s rain has left this city soggy, and I was a bit nervous about getting caught in a downpour on my ride to work. I stayed dry, but it’s definitely time to start thinking about getting some quality rain gear. I took the Surly out for the first time since I got home tonight, pedaling through Central City in the thick air. Continue reading

Classroom at Tulane

Jack in the ClassroomToday is the one year anniversary of my blog.  I thought about marking the first anniversary–which matters only to me, of course–with a long blog about a long ride, maybe revisiting the first thing I saw while riding my bike around, that day.  But that’s not how my day turned out.  Continue reading

Twilight Sky at Dauphine and Bienville

Twilight Sky at Dauphine and BienvilleI’ve been itching to ride Jack around these past few days and finally had time tonight to velcro on my bike shoes and tool around for a bit. I rode to meet some friends for dinner, and I found myself racing my friend’s car for part of the way. Continue reading