French Quarter Skyline from Barracks and Burgundy

Oh, it was another beautiful day in New Orleans! So why was I so grumpy? It was the last day of my introductory course up at school, and even though I love school’s-out-for-summer as much as the next one, I get a little sad to see each group go. After a nice lunch and a ride home for some pleasure reading, I headed back out on the bike to meet J. at the gym. The weather was perfect, and I just listened to myself spin and enjoyed the feel of the air. After some weight training and a steam (I love “taking a steam”–makes me feel so, oh, I don’t know, born rich/born uptown/born to win), I just tooled around the Marigny and the French Quarter smelling the jasmine and sunshine. I stopped to take this picture of the back of some buildings behind a brick wall, church steeple rising up out of the top, as I headed up Barracks into the Treme. I spend so much time looking down at the road or to the side at storefronts and intersections that sometimes I forget to look up, especially when I’m looking up from behind. An entirely different view from over here, all hodgepodge-y and drab compared to the showy fronts of things. Yep, this is New Orleans.

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