Request to Pick Up After Your Dog in the Carrollton Neighborhood

Today was the last day of classes, and though it started off rainy and windy, by the time the afternoon rolled around the weather was absolutely picture perfect. After toasting the seniors with an afternoon beer and toasting the rest of the School of Liberal Arts faculty at our end-of-the-year BBQ, I took the bike around Uptown coffee shoppes and bookstores as I distributed posters for some events coming up this weekend. I love just pedaling around, as is obvious to regular readers of this blog, but I don’t often make it to this part of the Riverbend/Carrollton area. Today it was so pretty and smelled like jasmine and roses. The lawns, though, are disconcertingly green and trimmed. Some eager neighbor is protecting this lawn with these tiny signs wrapped in plastic and stuck on this power pole and a couple other places. The signs remind us that dog waste is dangerous for children and spreads disease and besides, picking up after your dog is the law. I frankly couldn’t agree more. PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS, PEOPLE. Then again, this is another good reason to keep your feet on the pedals.

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