View From a Bench Along Riverside Park Path in Riverside Park in Federal Hill

View From a Bench in Riverside Park in Federal HillBaltimore’s getting the temperature right, but wow, this place had the wind machine on high today, so I had to keep pedaling down the hill to keep from being pushed off my line by the wind. It was good, though, just to be outside on a bicycle with naked legs, so many promises for the months to come. Continue reading

Birds on an Island in Druid Hill Reservoir

Today’s ride took me up the hill to Hampden to the coffee shoppe for some afternoon writing. I was pretty tired from a marathon day yesterday and some ill-advised late night TV viewing and it all made the uphill-in-the-wind feel unnecessarily hard. I got myself in an easy gear and let myself spin along until I got to the top. It was downhill on the way home, so I just let myself fly in the sunshine over to the park to do some laps. Continue reading

People and a Dog in Costumes on Bourbon Street

It’s Halloween in New Orleans, and the city is all dressed up to go out. I, on the other hand, am just not in the mood. Sometimes I just get all scrooged out and become a total buzzkill, and the best answer for everyone involved is for me to just get on my bike and go for a ride by myself. And that’s what I did today, making a stop at S.’s to try and fix her pinch flat on her new bike. Yeah, that’s the downside to the internal gear business… After many unsuccessful attempts, I threw in the towel and headed out to see what the more spirited types are doing for the holiday. Continue reading

Zion Travelers Second Baptist Church at Laurel & Peniston

I woke up early this morning, an hour earlier still than up “early,” in fact. My cats were engaged in a face off with the neighborhood dogs through my windowed door, and Sully, my talkative cat, came to tell me all about it. We then engaged in our easy morning routines–Little, my quiet cat, rubbing her face against my pillow, Sully pacing until there’s food in the bowl, Little making biscuits while I read, Sully laying out on her side with her head in some crazy contortion, looking more peaceful than I can ever imagine feeling. La dee dah, they followed me around as I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast (Sully has to sniff everything), and stared at me as I wheeled the bike out (to dog territory) and headed to work. Continue reading

Request to Pick Up After Your Dog in the Carrollton Neighborhood

Today was the last day of classes, and though it started off rainy and windy, by the time the afternoon rolled around the weather was absolutely picture perfect. After toasting the seniors with an afternoon beer and toasting the rest of the School of Liberal Arts faculty at our end-of-the-year BBQ, I took the bike around Uptown coffee shoppes and bookstores as I distributed posters for some events coming up this weekend. Continue reading

Balcony in the Treme

Treme BalconyOne of my very, very favorite things about New Orleans–and surely many places are like this–is how many ways there are to sit outside and watch stuff. Continue reading

Tony at Tulane

TonyI have been without my trusty digital camera for several days and it has been rough.  I’ve been riding my bike around every day, unable to photodocument what I see!  I finally lost it last night and went out to buy a new one.  Of course, that meant I found my old one.  Continue reading