Construction at Monroe and Earhart

I had the afternoon free after meeting my writing goals in the morning, so–surprise, surprise–I took the bike out for a ride. After bzzzzzzzing for Spain with N., I rode over to the Mississippi River levee patch and zipped quickly along with a strong tailwind. Oh, it was so beautiful out there today and the river was running high and the sun was warm and I had nowhere to be. Yeah, it was that sort of day. I hopped off the levee at Dakin and rode around Hollygrove for a bit. I stopped and waited waited waited with early rush hour traffic on Monroe, trying to cross Earhart. I snapped this photo while I waited. The building in the background is being demolished, I think, and the materials are being sorted in this lot, I think. Those stacks of tiles might be new materials, though–they are all stacked up like they’ve been shipped in, right? This might be a building coming down (and I think it is), but it could also be a building going up. The in-between could be either, I guess, depending on your perspective. Living here, I think I’m more used to the coming down. I finally made it across Earhart and continued my ride over to Mid-City to scope a little camping gear and then enjoy Free Wednesdays at the museum. A ride around the park and then back Uptown via Hollygrove and Carrollton, and home. Summertime in full effect.

3 thoughts on “Construction at Monroe and Earhart

  1. The buiding that you think is being demolished (it is, but by neglect only) was Carrolloton Demolition – a demolishing company. There was never any attempt to repair anything there after the hurricane and so it has been crumbling ever since. Before Katrina it was a fun place to explore if you were looking for old hardware, used fixtures, doors, windows, etc. Nearby they (or someone) still clean and sell used brick and stone.

  2. Saw this today:

    Carrollton Lumber closing after 80 years, auctioning inventory
    POSTED: 01:36 PM Thursday, August 12, 2010
    BY: David Muller, Staff Writer
    TAGS: Carrollton Lumber & Wrecking Company, Evelyn Francioni, Norman Paternostro
    The 80 year-old Carrollton Lumber & Wrecking Company is closing, and its inventory is to be auctioned off this weekend.

    The auction opens at 9 a.m. Saturday at the company’s yard, 2940 Leonidas St. and concludes Sunday. Items can be previewed today until 5 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Materials include mantels, lumber, columns, shutters, block granite and decorative iron work.

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