New Rouse’s Sign on the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet Building at Baronne and Girod

After a long morning of reading and writing I took the bike down to the Marigny to meet D. for a study date at her regular cafe. It was sunny and cloudless and hot, and by the time I made it downtown, my eyes were stinging with sweat. How do I keep my eyes clear, folks? Do I need to wear a sweatband under my helmet? Sigh. Anyway, I rode back Uptown for a meeting and passed this sign for the new Rouse’s that’s going in where the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet dealership used to be, on Baronne and Girod. New Orleans desperately needs more grocery stores. Before Katrina, the city averages 12,000 people per store. Now it’s at 18,000 per store. The national average? 8,800 per store. We simply do not have enough grocery stores to ensure access to healthy food for all of us. The new Rouse’s will be a great addition, but we’re going to need a whole lot more, and more on the other side of Canal. I will most definitely be stopping here on rides back Uptown to pick up my sacks of candy, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “New Rouse’s Sign on the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet Building at Baronne and Girod

  1. Bags of candy?!!
    I do not get those anymore but Em and I found the new coconut M&Ms which she liked but they tasted too waxy to me.

  2. I used to use a ’70s style headband under the helmet – that did the trick for sweat in the eyes. A bandanna or do-rag will do the trick too, but you’ll end up sweating more with your head fully covered.

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