“Imagine No Religion” Billboard at Canal & N. Rampart

I was completely wrung out from Sunday’s bicycle ride, so I took Monday off from riding, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting. The Boise State Broncos, my hometown team, pulled off late-game heroics to win on the national stage. The thrill! Beyond belief! I was so, so excited, especially after all the stress the team put us through. But that’s not bike-related. Anyway. After stopping by my local bike shoppe this afternoon for a quick chat and a brake adjustment, I rode up to Tulane to meet with a couple of students and then headed back downtown to meet J. at the gymnasium. On my way back Uptown I stopped to snap a picture of this billboard over Canal and N. Rampart that reads “Imagine No Religion.” Sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, it advertises atheism, surely a tough sell down here in the south, I think. FFRF’s website indicates that they are most interested in preserving–or just establishing–the separation of church and state. One trip to a session of the Louisiana legislature and their long opening prayer will tell you we’re pretty far from having the secular state (some of us) have always wanted. It seems to me, though, that atheism and a dedication to church/state separation surely do not have to go together, and I wonder about the efficacy of this sign that might turn off supporters of the latter who are not athiests, agnostics, or skeptics, FFRF’s stated crowd. The sign made me think today, so I think it’s doing it’s job. I hopped back on the bike and pedaled back home, another lovely day in the books.

4 thoughts on ““Imagine No Religion” Billboard at Canal & N. Rampart

  1. Made me think too, and was planning to post something on this soon. For starters, though, I was struggling to imagine humanity with “no Anghor Wat, no Parthenon, no Great Pyramid; no Mass in C Minor, no most of J.S. Bach, no ‘In the Sweet Bye and Bye’; no Wilberforce, no Martin Luther King, no Dalai Lama… ” Pretty obvious where I’m coming from on this. Will be interested to see the comment thread here.

  2. I also snapped a picture of this billboard last week to send to a friend. I visited the website and listened to one of the radio podcasts and was very disappointed. I’m all for separation of church and state, but the radio show was very alienating to any would-be religious supporters–they were very smug and self-righteous. I actually think they’re hurting their cause.

    Causes require inclusion.

  3. I got a photo of a billboard in my area (Atlanta – also an odd area since most in GA are quite religious), and it simply states “Sleep in on Sundays.” Probably not as polarizing as “Imagine no Religion” and some probably won’t even realize where the sign comes from 🙂

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