Abandoned U-Haul on Willow and Gen. Taylor

Oh, I had such a busy day today. I was up early, rode the bike to campus, and then just taught, four classes, no time to much other than what I was there to do. How rare is that? Anyway, I was ready to just be home when my last class was out at 5:15, but I had to ride my bike to get there. I wasn’t looking forward to the short 2.5 mile ride, so I decided to change it up by getting off St. Charles and taking Willow downtown instead. I used to ride Willow all the time but haven’t in a few months, so it was good to see what’s changed on the street. There were two couches on that one block for over a year, but they are finally gone. That house on the corner of Willow and Napoleon still isn’t done, but man, they raised that off the ground! What is done, though, is the fence around it. And then there’s this old U-Haul, its front windshield shattered and wheels already taken over by the green. I wonder how long that’s been there, and how long it will stay. This block will remain blighted until it’s gone, though, and folks are clearly putting some houses back up. There’s a lot going on in this picture about rebuilding and blight and who is going to pick up all the trash, but there’s also that slice in the middle all overgrown with green, like a little bit of the wild against that perfect blue sky. Tired, yes, but I’m glad I took the long way home.

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