Serious Warning on a House at Willow & Gen Taylor

I woke up early and worked all day long, putting on a show for classroom after classroom. After lunch was when I really started to plan my afterschool. Buzzing in the background of the rest of the day was, “bike, gym, steam room, bike, leftover chili, T-flippin’-V.” And when the day was done, well, that’s what I did. I rode down Willow to avoid traffic and stopped to take a picture of this house on Willow and Gen. Taylor with a stern warning out front: “IF YOU GO IN AND I SEE YOU I WILL KILL.” That sign wasn’t always there, but the house looks like it’s been abandoned since before I started riding down Willow a couple years ago. When I was off the bike, taking the picture, I wondered if my taking this picture was anything akin to “going in,” and if maybe I should hustle out of there. I wonder what’s gone down in the neighborhood to engender this kind of hostility. I continued my ride and passed a woman sitting on her porch only a few houses down. She shouldn’t have to live on a block with this kind of reminder.

3 thoughts on “Serious Warning on a House at Willow & Gen Taylor

  1. I’m curious, but, you may not have an answer. Were the homes rental units or owner occupied? They look like they are worth saving. Yet if they were damaged 5 years ago I’m surprised there has been no attempt to rehab them.

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