Storage Center at Howard & Baronne

I feel like it should be fall. It’s mid-September, my courses have been meeting long enough to have their own personalities, and the drugstore is full of Halloween candy. It should be cooling off. But on days like today I am reminded that it’s still hot and humid and sticky. And between you and me, I’m ready for a break from that, just for a minute. After a ride to the office and a stop at home for lunch, I pedaled down to the Quarter to meet S. for popsicles. I was a sweaty mess when I got there, but it was still good to be outside. I may have headed downtown on a hot day, but I rode back Uptown on a fall evening. It got dark early-ish and there was a cool-ish breeze. I stopped at the light at Baronne and Howard and took a picture of this long term storage facility. New Orleans is a small town, and our downtown is even smaller. But somehow we manage to find room to set aside a block to store all our extra stuff. Fortunately I don’t really have a lot of extra stuff, so I could just pedal on home, looking forward to more riding this weekend.

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