Pumpkin Display at the Whole Foods on Magazine & Arabella

Yesterday was a rough one and I found myself completely wrung out today. I worked from home, grading papers, working on an article, doing laundry, reading for pleasure. I didn’t think I’d get out on the bike at all, but after finishing up all my tasks for the day, I thought I’d reward myself with a short ride to get some frozen yogurt. As always, the second I pushed off on the Surly I was glad to be pedaling. After my treat, I headed to the grocery store for some produce. I snapped this picture of the impressive display of pumpkins and other gourds that they’ve put out, on hay bales and everything, like it’s Harvest Time or something. If you knew me in my pre-New Orleans days (I’m looking at you, PK), you know I love harvest time–apple cider donuts, corn mazes, homemade jams, corn husk decorations, scarecrows, caramel, all of it–but now I live here, where it’s still in the 90s, even though it’s the middle of September. Summer goes on and on and on here, but stores like this one will let us imagine we’re on that non-tropical clock too. Except they’ll do it all high class–have you ever seen such a display of different kinds of gourds? This is not your neighborhood Harvest Time, no doubt. I got some fruit and vegetables, got back on my bike, and sweated home. Yeah, it’s still summer in New Orleans.

One thought on “Pumpkin Display at the Whole Foods on Magazine & Arabella

  1. I remember the problem living in CC of trying to get into FALL when it was still so hot. I would buy a pumpkin to carve a face and it would be full of mold and cave in in 3 days. I love doing pumpkins here but that is just because this is where I am now.

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