Train Crossing the Huey P. Long Bridge

I had a thoroughly delightful Sunday, grading papers, reading, looking through job ads, working on my professional website, and when I finished up my work, I was most definitely in the mood for a long bicycle ride. I made a few tiny adjustments to my brakes and headed out to the levee, wanting to just pedal without monitoring the conditions of the pavement. The sun was just starting to go down, the weather was noticeably cooler than it has been, and I just let my legs get into that spinning rhythm with a song on repeat. I stopped for a snack and some water at the picnic table under the Huey P. Long bridge. That table offers great views of warehouses, bridge construction, the overgrown green shores of the Mississippi River. I snapped this picture of a train going over the bridge, but it is also a picture of the sky, streaked with clouds, just starting to turn purple at the horizon. I saw lots of things on my bike ride today–bunny rabbits snacking on grass, an egret taking a serious bath while a dozen of his friends looked on, innumerable picnics and barbecues and fishing parties, and all sundry late summer scenes, but today, this is what was beautiful.

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